About Us

Promoted by an entrepreneur who realized the potential for serving the sector for packing and moving of household goods. This entrepreneur having served for nearly 16 years in transport and logistic company decided to promote this outfit which is now well entrenched in the business with a list of well known/well established customers.

What is in a Name

When the business was started with a couple of in-training hands during end of 1999 the customers from our maiden-list gave us our name. They started referring as "A-1 Packers" and that is how our name was christened. Contrary to the normal customary habit of the promoter deciding the name, our customer gave us our name and till today we are proud to be recognized as "A-1 Packers & Movers (Hyd)".

Common Agenda

The profile of any packer has to be a common agenda. A packing & moving company's profile will only indicate that the main job is to be employ professionally well trained packers, whose job would be supervised by well mannered well behaved supervisors who would act as a bridge between the customers and the packing force. We are no exception and hence our profile too falls into these segments.

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