Fleet & Logistics

We have our own fleet of vehicles which we generally put to use for movement of household goods. We ensure that there is no transshipment while goods are dispatched on exclusive vehicles. These are sent on door-to-door basis only.

When the packing is completed and ready for loading, vehicle is placed and goods loaded in the presence of the customer who would again see the same vehicle at the destination. This means we ensure trucks with National Permit are deployed for loading.

Only container type of vehicles are used by us especially for deliveries at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. These vehicles are maintained well and ensure no anxiety or delay is caused due to maintenance.

Full Loads & Parts Loads

It is not that every consignment would be a full truck load. While full loads are dispatched on door-to door basis, we do accept consignments which are smaller in nature.

These are called "part loads". We arrange to collect the consignment in a local pick-up van from the parties place which would be on a later date loaded for the destination.

However when such consignment(s) leave Hyderabad, we ensure they go on a direct truck and delivery is given at the door without another transshipment.

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