Services Rendered

The minute you decide to move just give us a call. You will be greeted with a very positive response.

  • Quotation
  • Estimation
  • Packing Household & Industrial
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Unpacking & Clearing Debris
  • Insurance Cover
  • Warehousing
  • Escort Provision
  • Cars
  • Local Shifting

You can avail three types of services for getting our quotation. They are.

Quote on Phone

You can give us the details of materials and get the quote. But this would be based strictly on details provided by you and would be near perfect.

Quote on Visit

You can call at our office personally and discuss the details of your requirements and obtain a quote which would be almost perfect.

Quote on Door

Give us your residential address so that our representative can on a conveniently pre-fixed time, visit your residence, inspect all the goods, prepare a list of item and submit our offer which would be "Very Perfect" since factors such as no of floors, approach, staircases and location goes into finally arriving at the cost, the last could be a sure-shot quote.

Quotes for transportation are subject to revision of diesel prices - which does take place too often these days.

You can also opt for the services of an escort for a reasonable additional amount. One of the packers/loaders would be sent along with the vehicle to supervise unloading and unpacking since this member is already aware of the contents of packages and mode of loading, this will ensure higher stability in risk management of goods, at the destination.

Vergin packing materials as deemed fit for safety of each item would be provided to ensure a damaged free, scratches free delivery of goods.

Ware Housing/Storage

We are pleased to extend warehousing and storage facilities.

We shall extend 7 days "Free Storage" for part loads. However where full loads are to be retained in our warehouse, charges have to be paid on daily bases. Wherever the goods are to be retained under our care and custody for periods above three months, warehousing charges for 3 months should be paid in advance.

Goods would be stored in well maintained go-down and can be inspected with prior appointment.

We are proud to say that we are one of the very few Packers who always hold sufficient materials of each and every item and can perform the job at the drop-of-a-hat. However a five-days lead period between the date of submission of the quote and the date for carrying out the assignment would be ideal.

Feather on Our Hat

We have also seasoned ourselves to undertake Industrial Packing, size and nature from a tin to a concord does not give us the jitters. Sure we can be tried on this and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Regulars

Something which is a normal and regular feature lots and lots activities. Yes you are right. The local shifting. We accept and execute the local shifting jobs with clock-wise precision, be it household or corporate offices. We know the value of your time and we will ensure you do not skip a heart-beat on giving us these assignments. Laborers who are trained specifically and specially for this would march into your place and under the supervision of an able supervisor the transition would be quick and quiet. When you hear of our charges for these, you would feel they are just business promotion rates. Give a trial now.

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